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Can you write good Bengali articles? Want to earn by writing Bengali articles? Then today’s article is for you. The demand for Bengali articles is increasing day by day, but there is no reliable website to write them.




So, keeping in mind those who can write Bengali content, Pro Bangla has brought the opportunity to write Bengali articles. Pro Bangla website gives you an opportunity to earn by writing Bangla articles or content.





Why write articles or content in “Pro Bangla”?


You may wonder why you should choose Pro Bangla website to earn money by writing content. At this stage we will tell you why you should earn by writing content on our website Pro Bangla-



Publishing content on a website involves several steps. Publishing content after going through so many steps becomes very difficult for one and takes quite a bit of time.



To avoid all these problems and save time, we take only the content from the writers and the rest is done by our team members. You can choose our website “Pro Bangla” to earn good amount of money by writing content with less effort and less time.




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Write Bengali articles

Pro Bangla, one of the best blog sites in Bangladesh, has thousands of views every month, I hope these thousands of views will turn into lakhs of views very soon, Inshallah. More views on the website means more people are reading your content and benefiting from it. By doing this, your own writing is creating a popularity, branding. You can write in Pro Bangla to increase your popularity with Pro Bangla.

What kind of articles can you write?



Many categories of articles are published on our website. For example –
Online Income, Banking, Cyber ​​Tips and Tricks, Technology, Computers, Smartphones, Laptops, Android, Science, Antivirus, Google Adsense, Electronics, Electrical Goods, Health, Education, Exam Preparation, Facebook, YouTube, Various Hardware and Software, You can write in Pro Bangla on many other topics including tech related, apps review, outsourcing, freelancing, google drive, photography, career, skill development, medical and other types of technology.




Ability to write Bangla articles in Pro Bangla


There is no need to have any special qualification to write in Pro Bangla. But if your educational qualification is minimum Madhyamik pass then better. Also, you must have a good idea about the topic you want to write about, so that you can provide complete and accurate information. Try to write in simple and fluent language and spell correctly. Only then you will be considered eligible to write in Pro Bangla.



Internet connection and your personal computer, laptop or smartphone are essential to write content and have a good idea about the topic. It is important to have the habit of writing Bengali on computer or mobile.





Everything you need to earn money by writing Bangla articles in Pro Bangla-

1) Laptop, desktop or computer, smartphone.
2) Internet connection.
3) Typing skills in Bengali.
4) A word editor app (Word editor app) for writing correctly, such as Microsoft word or Microsoft Docs. (Text must be written in Unicode.)
5) Must have working mentality.



Rules for writing good quality articles


Writing a good quality content should focus on some things, because if your writing is not proper and quality then the readers will not benefit and it will have a bad effect on the website.

While writing on our Pro Bangla website, keep in mind the following points, this will improve the quality of your writing –

1. Title:

The title of the content is the main one, the reader will decide whether he will read the whole text by looking at the title. Therefore, a proper and attractive title must be determined.

2. Research (Research):

Before writing any topic, know it well By doing this you can provide correct and appropriate information.

3. Introduction (Intro):

Briefly and nicely outline what you are writing about and what the reader will learn from the content.

4) Subheading:

Add some subheadings using H2,H3… tags corresponding to the main keywords.

5) Key word:

Use appropriate keywords throughout the text, placing the focusing keyword at the beginning.

6) Readers friendly:

The content is written for the readers. Therefore, it should be written in a beautiful and fluent language so that it is easy for the readers to read and write. It should be written in fluent language and with clean spelling. Readers feel comfortable reading writing in short paragraphs and bullet points.

7) Informative:

The more informative the text is, the more interested the reader will be, thus they will benefit from reading the text. Also informative writing has the potential to rank.

8) Avoid unnecessary words:


If the content is big, the possibility of ranking it increases. But that is why unnecessary, unnecessary lines or false information should not be given. Lessons from your writing on it

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